Staff Profile – *NEW* staff member: Emma Stafford

We’ll be intoducing youn to each of our staff members over the next few months with a profile on the blog. What better way to start this off than with our new member of staff – Emma Stafford!

Emma Stafford - Receptionist & Hairdresser

Emma has been a qualified hairdresser for 17 years and it has always been a massive passion of hers. She qualified in 1994 at South Devon College obtaining an NVQ 1 and 2 in hairdressing. She worked at a local salon since school and worked there for 11 years but stopped to have her children. She now feels ready to get back in to a salon environment and decided that Bliss was the perfect place to do that. Emma works here as a receptionist, shampooist and also helps out as a hairdresser. She is also Niki’s sister.


So if you want to book in with Emma or any of our other hairdressers, give us a ring on: 01803 859289 or visit our website for more details.



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