Some more beautiful Nail Art…

Shellac Rockstar
Shellac Rockstar in various different colours – the new glittery craze!

Blue Rockstar

Black Rockstar

Grey Rockstar

Silver Rockstar

Purple Rockstar

Pink Rockstar Toenails

Silver Rockstar

Gold Rockstar with freehand

Turquoise Rockstar

Blue Rockstar with snowflakes

Red Rockstar


Ring Finger
HOT new trend in the fashion world right now, ring finger nails are painted a different colour to the rest. Everyone from Kelly Rowland to Katy Perry are currently rocking this trend.

Shellac Black Pool with Gold Rockstar Ring Finger

Black Rockstar with Gold Rockstar Ring Finger

French Tips with Freehand Ring Finger

Black with Leopard Print Ring Finger

Pink Rockstar with Silver Rockstar Ring Finger

Swarovski Crystals
*NEW* Swarovski Crystal French Nails! These are going to be HUGE!

Crystal Ring Fingers and French Tips with Swarovski Crystals

Taupe with Swarovski Crystals

A selection of freehand nail art.

Christmas Stripes

Black and White

Christmas Pudding

Yellow and Grey

Rockstar Mirrorball
This Rockstar uses larger glitter pieces to create a different effect.

Silver Rockstar Mirrorball

Don’t forget that for January, Shellac Rockstar is a bargain at just £15! Book now – Ring us on 01803 859289, Like us on Facebook, or visit our website for more information.



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