Nail Art

Another round-up of the best of the nail art from Bliss Beauty salon…

First off, the Shellac Rockstar trend continues, with some beautiful, intricate Mosaic designs, as well as some new colours and the wonderful stars (these are my favourite!)…

Gold, Silver and Bronze Mosaic

Silver, Turquoise, Green and Pink

Silver, Turquoise, Green and Pink Close-Up

Gold and Bronze Rockstar

Silver Rockstar with Stars

And now for some pretty impressive freehand designs… first, some vintage roses and stripes in gorgeous colours:

Vintage Flowers

Vintage Flowers - both hands

Pink and Grey freehand patterns, with Swarovski Crystals and Shellac Rockstar…

Pink and Grey Freehand

Pink and Grey Stripes

These next ones are beautiful floral and butterfly designs, lovely abbstract designs in beautiful colours, simple and effective…

Butterflies and French Tips

Pink and Black Floral Freehand

Black, Gold and Silver Freehand

This next set is awesome, Niki’s artwork on these is all freehand! Have you ever fancied your favourite computer game, food, animals or even shoes on your nails?

Converse Nails - All Stars!

Converse Nails - All Stars!

Angry Birds, shoes, pirates and McDonalds

Holiday Sea Turtles

And finally, bows! These are super cute and look great on your ring finger…

Orange and Gold Bows

Black with Pink Bows

Black and White with Bows

Vintage Bows

To book in for your nails, or to find out more, either ring Niki at the Salon: 01803 859289 find us on Facebook, or visit our website for more information.



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