Matching Nails…

Why not match your nails to your iPhone case? Bring in your iPhone case and we’ll bling your nails to match. So cute!

To book in for your nails, or to find out more, either ring Niki at the Salon: 01803 859289 find us on Facebook, or visit our website for more information.



New OPI Nail Polish

We already have Shellac but we are adding to our amazing collection of polish/gel hybrids and bringing you a new system. As you know we love our OPI colours at Bliss and so many of our clients ask why Shellac don’t do the vast shades of our favourite OPI’s. Well, now they do there own! This soak-off gel only has a 30 second cure time and is LED activated rather than UV. Plus it soaks off in just 10 minutes. Will it be just as fabulous as Shellac? Why not try it and find out?

This is the Gel Colour Chart with the 30 most famous OPI colours that have already been launched. Prices will be the same as the CND Shellac – £13.50 for a file and polish, £21 for a manicure and Gel colour.

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The New Louboutin Manicure

The hottest new trend is based around the best shoes on the planet. Nails are painted dark or metallic and the underside of the free edge is painted red just like the trademark Christian Louboutins themselves.

Louboutin Manicure

Adele was seen with these nails at the Brits. If they’re good enough for Adele, they’re certainly good enough for us!

Some more beautiful Nail Art…

Shellac Rockstar
Shellac Rockstar in various different colours – the new glittery craze!

Blue Rockstar

Black Rockstar

Grey Rockstar

Silver Rockstar

Purple Rockstar

Pink Rockstar Toenails

Silver Rockstar

Gold Rockstar with freehand

Turquoise Rockstar

Blue Rockstar with snowflakes

Red Rockstar


Ring Finger
HOT new trend in the fashion world right now, ring finger nails are painted a different colour to the rest. Everyone from Kelly Rowland to Katy Perry are currently rocking this trend.

Shellac Black Pool with Gold Rockstar Ring Finger

Black Rockstar with Gold Rockstar Ring Finger

French Tips with Freehand Ring Finger

Black with Leopard Print Ring Finger

Pink Rockstar with Silver Rockstar Ring Finger

Swarovski Crystals
*NEW* Swarovski Crystal French Nails! These are going to be HUGE!

Crystal Ring Fingers and French Tips with Swarovski Crystals

Taupe with Swarovski Crystals

A selection of freehand nail art.

Christmas Stripes

Black and White

Christmas Pudding

Yellow and Grey

Rockstar Mirrorball
This Rockstar uses larger glitter pieces to create a different effect.

Silver Rockstar Mirrorball

Don’t forget that for January, Shellac Rockstar is a bargain at just £15! Book now – Ring us on 01803 859289, Like us on Facebook, or visit our website for more information.


Feather Hair Extensions

The new feather hair extensions are looking great:


The individual feathers are clamped in place and can be washed, conditioned, blow dried, straightened and curled as normal, as long as you are careful to avoid the small clip.


They last for approximately 3 months and can be reused after that. They come in many different colours to suit all hair. For more information, visit our website: or give us a call to book in: 01803 859289.

Niki’s Nail Art

A collection of Niki’s nail art photos…

Freehand Nail Art:



Crazy Zebra

Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite

Black & Silver Flicks

Feeling Fruity

White Flicks

Shooting Stars


Rock Chick Matte Black and Gold Studs

Rock Chick Matte Black and Gold Studs

Funky Zebras

Pretty Bows

Love & Hate

Rockstar Tips

Minx Nail Art:

Leopard Tips

Pink Leopard Tips

Leopard Feet

Shellac Rockstar Nails:

Shellac Gold Rockstar

Shellac Gold Rockstar

Shellac Rockstar are our newest nail art treatment – only £20 for a full set of fingers or toes. For prices and more information, visit our website.

Treatments for the Party Season

Don’t forget to book now for your Christmas appointments, as we are filling up fast! As always we won’t disappoint Christmas week with lots of fancy dress, decorations, mince pies and wine for all of our lovely clients.

We also have Christmas gift packs and vouchers if you really want to pamper a loved one this christmas. Just ask us for more details.

Swarovski Crystal Toes or Fingers – £40 for a full set
Individual Swarovski crystals are applied to the fingers or toes to create the most glamorous and effective look for the party season. A definite head turner!

Feather Hair Extensions – £10 each
Why not try the new craze that everyone from Beyonce to Heidi Klum is rocking at the moment. Already huge in America and soon to be as popular here, these striking individual strands of real feathers are professionally applied in the salon to your hair. They do not require glue and can last you over 8 weeks! What’s more you can straighten, wash and style them as , much as you like. They are also very easy to remove.

Christmas Minx – £15
Check out our fun and eye catching Christmas range of Minx designs. There’s a vast choice of anything from Father Christmas to snow flakes. We will be adding pictures of all of these soon.

Party lashes – From £10 – £35
These semi permanent eyelashes look fabulous for all those Christmas and New Years parties this season. With a wide range of effects you can discuss with us your desired look and we can make you look gorgeous!

Hope to see you in the salon soon!